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Legendary hip hop artist Masta Ace and underground artist/dj/producer Dj Rob A (Rugged Soul Records) collaborate on the Dj Rob A produced track to break down the science of the hip hop music they have both appreciated for decades. Creating a song for the car, the turntable and even an iPod hip hop fans should download this dope and nod their heads to "Put to paper."
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Dj Rob A feat Masta Ace---“Put to Paper”

Masta Ace


Check me out yall

I’m about to hit a fucking Rapper with a closed hand
If that’d don’t hurtem then I bet ya that the flows can

This for the tunnel crowd
Middle of the summer loud
Get on the train go start a fight up at the Roseland

Listen you pop shit kid I pop it back
Masta Ace and Rob A whats toppin that
What’s stopping that, not a lot
Cause when we pierce through
You ain’t healing man you dealing with a fierce crew

This is Jones Beach shoot out on the meadowbrook
I warn you, we walk in ya better look
Too many chefs on the stove dog, let us cook
Russell Simmons a best seller, read his book

Now I know just how to compete, how to eat
This is educated mixed with a lot of street
This is a cold ass flow with a lot of heat
Ima teach you how to win, you don’t gotta cheat.

(bring it back cuzzin, cuzzin, cuzzin)

Sample hook X2 : Tomorrow I’m not gonna see it the same way I saw it today, write it down on paper cause we very tricky, Tomorrow I’m not gonna see it the same way I saw it today,

Rob A

I used brawl like Tawana
turntables out in da summer
cross colours and puma wear
fly pagers, an ghoulish stares

I keep it smoove like yvonne mobley
your flow
more like you blow deez
you a clone of me
in a network
of so so beats

perfect and shiny

weak messages
they not grimy

they climb with help from webs
like amazing spidey

Ya can hear the crates I keep
sample deep
in older beats

da soul I seep
too many of rappers flows is neat

Come on an ride my beat
right here bass tracks
and gangsta sweeps
keepin ya meters peaked
hip hop music for the streets

cuts for fun
"By now you probably stunned"

hip hop makers, kicks, shakers and
sp12 hummms
I gotta thank the legend Ace for getting on this song,

If the needle skips it skips
a glitch is a glitch
Some of ya’ll musics a bitch
Talk rap music and shit
I ain’t for makin that switch…ya feel me

Sample hook X2 : Tomorrow I’m not gonna see it the same way I saw it today, write it down on paper cause we very tricky, Tomorrow I’m not gonna see it the same way I saw it today, .......What we gonna do is be as honest as we can...


from Put to Paper b​/​w Still Have Strenf, track released January 19, 2015
rhymes: Masta Ace,Dj Rob A
beats,cuts: Dj Rob A
engineer: Lance Brenner
Artwork: Skape
Mastering: Scott Hull- Masterdisk



all rights reserved


DJ ROB A Charlottesville, Virginia

Dj Rob A was hip hop radios youngest radio dj back in the late 80's. He has always mostly kept to himself and the underground, while watching the corporate take over of hip hop. Dj Rob A has worked with many artists including Mf Doom, Masta Ace. He also released solo tracks over the years and provided beats for artists as well. More to come 2015 and on so keep ya ears open. ... more

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